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The Transformative Power of Holistic Wellness: Why Wellbeing is More Than a Product

by Ange Rosindale

Everyone has their perception of wellness. In my twenties and thirties, I thought silencing the chatter about the days I had left in the month to hit my sales targets (whilst having expensive beauty creams slathered over me) was the hallmark of a successful wellness experience.

Facial? Yep. Massage? Absolutely. Staring out of the window, pondering life? For sure! Returning home with dewy skin and a relaxed smile, I'd tick wellness off my list again for another three months.

Reflecting on these experiences, I realise I need more.

Not because of the money I'd spent indulging my penchant for luxurious spas but because, despite feeling relaxed, I'd always leave feeling unfulfilled. Satiated in terms of being pampered yet dissatisfied on a deeper level, somehow lacking the quietude I expected after spending a day in tranquil contemplation, aligning my chakras.

Aware of this inner lack of fulfilment, I set out to find a spa that could offer what I now crave: a calm mind and inner peace that would last longer than any cream on my face.

My search led me back to Green Farm, a wellness estate in the heart of the Kentish countryside that emphasises authenticity and luxurious mindfulness.

Having visited twice before (but only for the ESPA spa), I hoped Green Farm could provide the holistic wellness experience I was looking for.

Understanding Holistic Health and Wellness

Holistic wellness considers the whole person, integrating various dimensions of health and aiming to achieve overall wellbeing through balanced and harmonious living. It encompasses mental, physical, emotional, social, and occupational wellness—a 360-degree perspective on health.

Arriving at Green Farm, I wondered how this visit would be different from my previous one, and I was excited to see how my day would unfold.

It quickly became apparent that Green Farm addresses all components of holistic wellness by offering an evolving variety of authentic experiences that nurture the mind, body, and spirit. Occupational wellness is also a visible aspect of overall wellbeing at Green Farm, where job satisfaction and alignment with career purpose are encouraged.

The Ethos of Green Farm

Green Farm is rooted in a philosophy that combines wellbeing with a deep respect for nature and sustainability.

The Importance of Authenticity

Green Farm strongly emphasises authentic wellbeing and unlike commercialised wellness centres, it’s an environment where guests can improve their whole being. Martin and MaryAnn Richmond-Coggan, the proud owners of the farm, provide various experiences to help guests reconnect with nature, from mindful walks in ancient woodlands and campfire suppers to swimming in the wildlife pond or reading in the community garden.

The farm is a space to be shared, where individuals can relax, take a step back, and explore their unique paths to wellbeing using nature as a faithful backdrop. Without a doubt, authenticity and a sense of community set it apart from other retreats.


At Green Farm, sustainability is not just a buzzword but a way of life. Regenerative farming practices, free from chemicals, and on-site sourced meat and vegetables produced for nutritious meals reflect a stalwart dedication to the environment.

Grasslands are kept long, and hand-built leaky woody dams stem the natural flow of watery areas prone to floods, benefiting flora and fauna alike and inspiring a sense of shared responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Giving Back

Martin and MaryAnn's work with their own charity, The Pearce Coggan Foundation, underscores their dedication to giving back and nurturing community wellbeing. The foundation aims to inspire people of all ages to get outside, get active, and connect with nature. They offer educational experiences and support for local conservation projects and garden initiatives, ensuring eco-friendly experiences are accessible to everyone.

Immersive Experiences

I was keen to tickle my wellbeing tastebuds by exploring some of the experiences on offer: spending time with the animals, going on a nature walk and understanding farm-to-table husbandry.

The Benefits of Farm-Based Activities

Participating in farm-based activities, such as spending time in the garden and with animals, has long been thought to provide numerous benefits. These firsthand experiences allow people to try something out of the norm, contributing to a more wholesome life experience. Guests are actively encouraged to get involved with both, bringing a sense of accomplishment to each person, and prompting feelings of a deeper connection to the natural world.

I heard a story about a stressed-out business owner who had booked five spa treatments to complement a weekend yoga retreat. Less than twenty-four hours later, the extra treatments had been cancelled; the woman found the stressbusting she needed by spending time with the sheep and hugging the resident ram, Nobby. I wasn't lucky enough to see him, but I experienced something equally delightful.

After a meander through the garden, it took all my willpower to not jump over the fence and rub the snouts of a family of resting pigs, sleepy after their lunch, dozing in the afternoon sun. Instead, I gazed fondly at them for several minutes before walking towards a field, and the next part of my adventure: ‘Fairyland.’

Enhanced Wellbeing Using Ancient Woodlands

The enchanting Fairyland involves a guided walk through a meadow and into ancient woodland filled with giant oaks, silver birches, and the rare Chequer tree. Due to its age-old origin, this woodland possesses a unique energy different from typical woods.

Fairyland is where adults immediately retreat to being children, such joy does this woodland bring. Torchless nighttime walks under the stars, outdoor yoga classes, mindfulness sessions, and solstice celebrations take place here. I walk silently with only the birds for company, feeling the breeze blowing through the trees and feel a profound sense of peace.

Nature walks at Green Farm significantly contribute to emotional wellness by offering much more than physical exercise. Leveraging the power of this time-honoured environment, guests can connect with themselves and others on a deeper level while listening to the whispers of the trees, immersed in the tranquillity of nature.

Nourishment Beyond Nutrition: Supporting Mental and Emotional Health

Delicious wafts from the farm kitchen piqued my interest in understanding more about the nutritional ethos at Green Farm. The livestock are 100% grass-fed and carbon-neutral, and the food is grown in the community garden.

All meals are created fresh with mostly home-grown ingredients; monthly retreats are catered by our resident chef, an ex-Cordon-Bleu trainer, who creates a culinary experience that nourishes the body, delights the senses, and reflects Martin and MaryAnn's passion for sustainable, organic food. An in-house nutrition therapist supports the farm in ensuring that foods are healthy and nourishing.

Many people believe the prevalence of processed foods negatively affects mental health, which is why Green Farm's farm-to-table approach to nutrition is so beneficial. By focusing on the emotional health benefits of eating unprocessed food, Green Farm's nutritional practices, help guests achieve a healthier life.

Meat and vegetables are fresh, in season and rich in nutrients, which supports better mental health and overall wellbeing. If it's unavailable in the garden or the field that day, it won't be on a plate that evening.

Wellness Journeys

Green Farm offers a variety of rejuvenating experiences designed to nurture every aspect of well-being, making each visit as unique as it is revitalising.

Spa & Yoga Retreats

The Spa and Yoga Retreats play an integral part in wellness at Green Farm. The physical and mental benefits of yoga are apparent and retreats also contribute to social wellness. By spending time at Green Farm whilst on retreat, guests build supportive relationships, surround themselves with positive influences, and engage in extracurricular activities designed for emotional and sensory stimulation.

Repeat visits are high, and it’s no wonder as guests enjoy meals with Martin and MaryAnn and stay with them in their beautiful farmhouse during a retreat.

The Spa

Having fully immersed myself in the Green Farm environment, I couldn't resist a quick visit to the boutique spa managed by the Green Farm charming wellness professionals. It’s dedicated to helping guests achieve a state of overall wellbeing through treatments designed to prompt relaxation and healing.

A sauna overlooks the fields beyond, and guests can sit in an outdoor hot tub overlooking the freshwater pond. Not having my swimming costume, I opted not to swim and treated myself to the latest ESPA treatment on the menu, a back scrub and massage.

It was incredibly relaxing and a fitting end to a wonderful day.

Why Experiences Matter More Than Products

Guests often describe their wellness journey at Green Farm as transformative. Frequently arriving stressed, they leave (albeit reluctantly) relaxed, rejuvenated, inspired, and equipped with the tools to maintain their wellbeing. As did I.

The warm presence of the proud owners, Martin, and MaryAnn enriched my time at Green Farm. Their belief in the power of providing a space where guests can find their own way to fulfilment left an impression, instilling a sense of trust in the Green Farm experience. The immersive experiences at Green Farm provide benefits that stretch beyond the temporary relief offered by products alone. They gave me what I was looking for: a calm mind and a deep sense of contentment—something no beauty product ever could.

It's clear that holistic health is a philosophy deeply embedded in every aspect of Green Farm's offerings and its commitment to this approach makes it a true sanctuary for wellness.

Each visit brings a different adventure, and I can't wait for my next.

Anje Rosindale, from Angela Rose Writer, is a freelance writer passionate about mental health, self-help, and personal development. She crafts content for entrepreneurs and business leaders that enhances their brand's authority, connects deeply with their audience, and promotes wellness within their organisations. Her mission is to highlight the importance of mental wellbeing and share valuable knowledge which supports people on their journey to a healthier mind


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