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The Spiral Path of Healing

Introducing Alison Lingwood and Lindsay Thompson

A journey of self-discovery and new meaning

Over the last year, many of us have considered what truly matters; family ties and friendships, work and wellbeing have all given us pause for thought. Some of us are contemplating making changes in our personal or professional lives but are feeling stuck or uncertain about what lies ahead.

This summer, Green Farm is hosting The Spiral Path of Healing, a labyrinth workshop that will help guide you towards finding new meaning through self-discovery.

What is a labyrinth workshop?

For centuries, labyrinths have captured the visual and spiritual imagination of cultures around the world, from Ancient Greece to modern day Pacific Island nations. Typically represented as a spiral pathway, the labyrinth has come to be a symbol of wholeness and meaning achieved through meditation and journeys of self-discovery.

As your feet trace the pathway towards the centre of the labyrinth you are drawn deeper into yourself and towards your own meaning. As you trace the path back out, you emerge with new-found clarity and connection to your purpose.

On Sunday 11 July, you will walk a labyrinth in the lush natural surroundings of Green Farm. You will set an intention that is personal to you and be guided to deepen your stillness, observe the signs from your surroundings and access the information you are seeking. The natural surroundings and ancient woodland will help you to clear and cleanse mental chatter and brings balance to your body.

What you might receive from the workshop

The Spiral Path of Healing will be a deeply personal experience, but we anticipate you will:

  • Establish an intention to seed and grow over the coming months

  • Find a new energy to process a life issue or challenge

  • Connect with and learn to trust your inner source of wisdom

  • Delve deeper into your soul’s calling

  • Open your senses for a greater communication with nature

Your guides for the day are Alison Lingwood and Lindsay Thompson, who between them have more than 80 years’ experience in teaching, therapy and the medical profession

Alison is a chartered physiotherapist specializing in persistent pain and health issues. She also uses kinesiology, flower essences and intuitive energy healing in her practice. She has run courses for over 25 years for physiotherapists and other therapists. Her passion is to help you tap into the universal energy of healing. In her free time she enjoys spending time playing in nature, swimming with the dolphins and growing and preparing tasty food and herbal creams for her friends and family.

Lindsay has worked as a Creative Arts and Play Therapist, for over twenty years and run courses for Leeds Beckett and Christ Church University, at home and abroad. Now she is a freelance Senior Supervisor, and enjoys using sand, clay and mandalas. Her toolkit also includes EFT, flower essences and Reiki. In her free time she enjoys creating mosaics, singing, and bird watching.

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