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The Thorn is the Mother of the Oak


Did you know that three things are critical to propogate an oak naturally?

  1. Receptive soil. The earth in ancient woodland has taken hundreds of years to support the very special communities of plants, fungi, insects and other microorganisms that will allow a young, wild oak to thrive

  2. A Jackdaw. Yes, a jackdoor! Acorns sitting on the ground won't germinate. Jackdoors love acorns and love to store them for the winter so they pick them up and "plant" them all over the forest floor. Naturally, they forget where some of them are stored and these get a chance to grow

  3. A thorn bush. Usually brambles, but can be any thorny thicket. This will protect the young sapling from getting nibbled to death by rabbits, deer and other woodland creatures

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