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Why I chose Green Farm for my Corporate Retreat

We're delighted to share that Joanna Rawbone of Scintillo Ltd and Flourishing Introverts has chosen to partner with Green Farm for her Corporate Retreat in May.

Joanna has been a regular visitor to the Spa and Wellness classes at the farm, so we were delighted when she wanted to come to Green Farm for a unique location for her forthcoming Destination Untamed Retreat for Women.

When we asked Joanna why she specifically chose us, she said:

"As experienced facilitators, Judith and I are very aligned with the ethos of Green Farm, their focus on sustainability and the objectives of the Pearce Coggan Foundation, plus we love the atmosphere. It's quite special!

She confirmed that "The Destination Untamed Retreat is for female leaders who want to reconnect with who they are and where they want to be headed. We see an opportunity to do this in a very special way, through reconnecting with nature. Green Farm and the countryside location are both perfect for our purpose."

We host several bespoke Corporate Events throughout the year, and we are very excited to be welcoming Joanna's guests. The 3 night, 4-day retreat will be filled with opportunities to transform; mind, body and spirit, and here's what we have included to make this Retreat unique:

What's included in the Corporate Retreat:

● Yoga sessions in our studio with views over the Farmhouse and pond

● Wild swimming in our wild nature pond

● Gong bath

● Mindfulness session

● Fire pit ceremony in our pastures

● Dark sky/trust walk through our ancient woodland

● Daytime walk through the farm estate traditional pastures

● Hot tub & sauna with views over the farm

● All meals - prepared by our Resident Chef Ian Waghorn

● All ensuite rooms - staying in our 19th-century listed barn

● Pick-up to/from Ashford International station

● Joanna's 'Untamed journal'

● Joanna's 'Soulfully You card deck'

If you are interested in joining Destination Untamed you can find out more information through this link or if you would like to partner with us for your own unique Corporate Event at Green Farm, please get in touch with the team here at

11th - May 14th, 2023 - Green Farm Kent

The 4-day residential retreat for female leaders looking for clarity regarding what matters in their career and life.

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Tomas Virgin
Tomas Virgin
Dec 15, 2023

For a corporate vacation, this is exactly what is needed. I want to join you, I need it to take a break from studying. It's good that statement of purpose writers they help me cope with this. They are really cool

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