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Reset & Reconnect: A retreat day like no other

Many of us have spent long periods of time feeling lost, uninspired and unmotivated lately. With the ever-changing, unpredictable landscape that surrounds us, it’s so important to implement self-care and prioritise our own needs. With that in mind, when was the last time you took a whole day off to immerse yourself in nature and switch off from the outside world? Probably not as recently or as much as you should, and this is exactly what led us to form our latest Day Retreat Reset and Reconnect at Green Farm.

What’s Involved

This Green Farm Day Retreat will be led by Kalie, a highly qualified Sound Therapist and well-being practitioner based in Kent, who has a passion for improving wellbeing and mental health. The day will include activities such as meditation, self-development and sound therapy with wild swimming, nature walking as well as a deeply relaxing ESPA treatment in The Spa at Green Farm.

Why Reset & Connect?

Kalie regularly hosts wellness workshops and over time has developed a particular style of working with people. Known for her vibrant personality and welcoming nature she embodies the Green Farm ethos and injects the perfect ratio of fun and healing into all of her activities. One of Kalie’s favourite techniques is working with the inner child, which is why she completely fell in love with our magical woodland area Fairyland.

The Day Retreat will begin with an opening circle in the Green Farm Community Garden where guests will have space to focus on themselves and their needs for the day. Here you’ll be encouraged to set a personal intention/goal, something you can continue to work on going forward. Following initial introductions you will make your way down to Fairyland, which is where the magic happens. Allow your inner child to run wild as adults become children: from the swing to the see-saw, discover what it feels like to live in the moment and enjoy a sense of freedom.

What is Sound Therapy?

Once the initial activities are out of the way, the focus will be purely on relaxation, and time to try a wonderful sound bath. Sound therapy has a huge range of noticeable benefits such as strengthening the immune system, balancing both hemispheres of the brain, removing blockages and toxins, releasing negative energy and old behavioural patterns. Each session is completely unique with varying arrangements of powerful healing instruments that will leave you feeling extremely peaceful and rejuvenated. Many people express a sense of clarity and transformation following a sound journey, which can last for a number of days; the key is to arrive with an open mind ready to relax. As you lie down with your blanket and pillow you are bathed in waves of sound and vibration from sacred instruments which allows for deep healing on multiple levels, bringing your mind and body back into a state of equilibrium.

What will you take away?

· Human connection

· Deep relaxation

· Reconnecting in nature

· Fun and freedom

· Personal goals/intentions

· Time to switch off and refocus

· Meditation and Sound Therapy

· Balance and harmony

· A sense of belonging

· New friends

About Kalie

Kalie is a highly intuitive Sound Therapist, Healing Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and Psychic Medium based in Kent, where she facilitates a range of weekly and monthly wellbeing-based workshops and classes. She loves being able to help people find inner peace and guidance through her work. As a qualified Reiki Master she comes with a wealth of experience in assisting the process of self-growth and self-development.

About Green Farm

Over the years MaryAnn and Martin have restored the buildings and land and created a diverse and distinctive offering. Green Farm experiences and facilities include wellness weekends, spa stays, holiday barn, luxury farmhouse accommodation (retreats, spa stays only), boutique day spa, yoga studio, classes, events and workshops, a farm-gate shop as well as hosting our charity, the Pearce Coggan Foundation (, with its community wildlife vegetable garden.

A few words from previous attendees

“A wonderful day connecting with nature and meeting likeminded people. Led by Kalie and hosted by Maryann and Martin from Green Farm it was a day not to forget. Ending with a sound bath after a dip in the wild pond.Quite a perfect day matched by perfect surroundings. Thank you” Penny x

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