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SPA: Getting That Autumn Glow!

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Autumn is the best time to give your skin some love and repair.

Everyone thinks that summertime is when our skin is at its best, but actually, the harsh light can be damaging with lots of extra UVA exposure which can cause pigmentation and dryness. Similar effects can also be seen in autumn and winter with central heating and harsh cold winds. All of these take a toll on your skin leading to sensitivity, redness and pigmentation problems.

So that's why autumn, is the best time to give your skin some TLC.

If your face requires hydration, a refresh or just a bit of love then our Green Farm personalised beauty facials will do wonders and give you back that glow!

Here are some of Kirsty, our Spa Manager's personal facial favourites:

Cleanse using Yuzu & Ginger Cleansing Sorbet

Yuzu is refreshing and revitalising, whilst ginger is super soothing. Your skin will feel like it has been given a warm hug.

Exfoliate with Refining Skin Polish

A deeply cleansing, super-fine exfoliator that leaves skin feeling refined and smooth. Your skin will feel like new.

Isotonic Hydration Mask

This has so many benefits and quenches parched skin with fresh, cooling properties, it also re-energises the skin's appearance and plumps and hydrates. You will get an instant burst of moisture to soothe the skin and leave it with a fresh and dewy complexion. What's not to love about that?

Optimal Skin Pro-Serum Turmeric

This will brighten and even the appearance of your skin tone. Turmeric contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components so it's great for healing.

Optimal Skin Pro-Moisturiser

A lightweight moisturiser, rich in skin-enhancing nutrients that will balance the complexion and deliver long-lasting hydration. So much moisture!

These all sound amazing don't they? Book in for your autumn glow-up today:

Find out more about Kirsty, our Spa Manager:

Kirsty, our Spa Manager has worked at Green Farm for 5 years and is passionate about everything that we offer in our luxury boutique spa tucked away in the Kent countryside. She always goes out of her way to make spa visitors feel relaxed in the tranquil farm setting and never rushes people out.

Kirsty specialises in pregnancy massage and she also loves to perform facials, she knows her spa stuff! She is a mum to 2 beautiful girls, aged 11 and 13. In her spare time, Kirsty enjoys doing her fitness bounce class, swimming and spending time with her family and two dogs.

If you'd like more info about our spa treatments then just get in touch with Kirsty and the spa team who'll be happy to help!

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