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Our Produce


Our meat


We like to say that our animals only have one bad day in their lives which is why, as small-scale producers, the welfare of our animals is our utmost priority.


Our 100% grass-fed and free-range meat has quickly gained a reputation for quality and great taste, and although we are too small to be accredited we follow all the organic principles and are pleased to be members of The Pasture for Life Association


First and foremost, we produce meat for our Retreat and Spa guests, for ourselves and our cooperative farming neighbours, but we also sell a selection of cuts several times a year or if you visit Green Farm.Meat can be collected from Green Farm, can be delivered in Kent for orders over £30 and shipped nationwide (postage & packing charges will apply).


Our Aberdeen Angus-Hereford cross we think produces meat with incredible flavour and texture and all our beef is hung on the bone for at least 28 days. Our flock of sheep also produce the finest quality lamb, hogget and mutton which we are very proud to produce and in our household comes highly prized!





Our garden


Our Community, Wildlife & Vegetable Garden like the rest of the Farm also focuses on conservation and growing vegetables, fruit and plants in the most natural, organic way possible.


Whilst much of the garden is designated to growing seasonal produce that we use to feed our Retreat and Spa guests, and provide fresh food for charitable activities, the rest is left as wild areas for the local wildlife to enjoy and thrive. 


The garden was created from a 0.6 acre rough piece of farmland that was initially cleared by some of our pigs. The garden has recently undergone a huge overhaul with the aim to significantly increase the breadth and depth of the fruit, vegetables and salads we produce, enabling us, our guests and visitors to literally eat local as much as possible, all year round.


The garden is a key facility of the Pearce-Coggan Foundation. It provides a haven of peace and quiet for the local community to enjoy, a place for younger generations to learn about food and wildlife, a facility for apprentice gardeners to gain work experience, and a safe space for community service participants. 


To find out more about the Wildlife Community Garden and the Pearce Coggan Foundation, including opportunities to get involved click here.


Our food


As a working-farm and a wellness destination, food is an important part of the whole Green Farm experience. It also means we have and adhere to a very simple philosophy around healthy eating – eat fresh, homemade and home-grown produce as much as possible, served as nature intended. This also means cooking in-season, using predominantly produce from our Community, Wildlife & Vegetable Garden, meat from our own ethically-raised farm animals, and sourcing anything else we don’t grow ourselves from other local farms and producers.


Guests can expect pasture-to-plate dishes that use freshly picked vegetables, salad leaves, fruit and herbs from the garden as well as dishes using the Farm’s 100% grass-fed meat and free-range eggs. Bread is always homemade and made using stone-milled organic flour and the milk from the local dairy.


Every Green Farm menu and dish is carefully created by Green Farm working closely with Nutritional Consultant, Alice Yeates to design naturally healthy, well-balanced recipes especially for those with special dietary requirements. Guests are welcome to venture into the fields and garden with one of the team to find out more about our produce and sustainable farming.




Lunch at Green Farm, as part of a Spa Day, Spa Stay or Retreat, is always a nutritious, two-course set-menu that changes daily. It always includes seasonal produce from the garden, is predominantly vegetable based, and takes into consideration any guest dietary requirements.


Cream Tea at The Spa is only available to guests who are unable to arrive in time for lunch. This consists of homemade, freshly-baked Scones with Clotted Cream and Jam as well as a pot of tea. Bubbles can also be added at a small extra cost.




At our retreat dinner times guests will enjoy a freshly prepared, homemade two-course dinner (main and pudding) hosted by Green Farm founders and owners Martin and Maryann in The Farmhouse’s beautiful Dining Room. Most retreat meals are prepared by our in-house chef, Ian Waghorn


We kindly ask that you advise us of any dietary requirements or allergies at the time of booking.


Food values


WHOLE FOODS - produce should be organic and chemical free, sustainably farmed and as unrefined as possible. As nature intended them to be.

HAPPY ANIMALS - the meat we eat should be ethically raised, naturally fed and honoured by using all of the animal. Eat less meat but better quality.

HATE WASTE - reuse, recycle and reinvent your food waste and leftovers. Nose to tail, root to flower, gill to fin eating.

HOMAGE TO THE SEASONS - respect the seasons and what they produce. What grows together, goes together.

HOMEMADE - real, honest food means making things from scratch, no unnatural nasties in sight.


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