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If a whole Weekend Retreat isn’t possible for you, there are a variety of bespoke Day Retreats also available on select weekends throughout the year. These include Yoga Days as well as a range of Wellness Workshops. 


Even if you are just coming for the day to Green Farm, you will leave feeling refreshed, nourished, stress-free and ready for a new week ahead. 


As well as Yoga, you can enjoy a guided countryside walk, a wonderful ESPA Spa treatment as well as some delicious homemade food from our Green Farm Kitchen Garden and Farm – the menu designed by our in house chef and nutritional consultant. 


If you live in London, you can get to our Day Retreats very easily by train from London St Pancras International, and with prior arrangement we can meet you at the station. We suggest getting the 08.21 service which gets into Ashford International at 9.15am. Please let us know if you would like this when booking. 


What's included in your Day Retreat


Arrive from 9am, first class at 9.30am and depart by 4.45pm

2 x Yoga Classes 

Opportunity for a mini-consultant with our in-house nutritional therapist - not available on all day retreats

Use of our private boutique Spa facilities, including Sauna and Hot Tubs, Towels, flip-flops, hairdryers etc.

Option to enjoy a Green Farm ESPA Spa Treatment (extra charge)

Breakfast Smoothie & Lunch - all freshly cooked, using mostly home-grown ingredients

Teas and coffees available all day including a freshly baked afternoon cake

Select Wine & Drinks list available to purchase

Guided walk with on of the Green Farm family across beautiful Kent countryside

Loan of wellies for walks

Free time to relax, read, explore, hike, cycle, run (bicycles available to borrow)


Yoga Day Retreat
A Relaxing Day For Mind And Body

Our Yoga Day Retreats are designed to give guests a taste of Green Farm and a relaxing yet energising way to finish your weekend, ready to face the week ahead. Classes are suitable for everyone, from complete beginners to regular practitioners, and  adaptations and modifications are always offered for every level.


All classes cover pranayama techniques (breathing) and meditation as well as the physical yoga asanas. Generally, the morning class is a more energising practice with a slower restorative practice in the afternoons.  Our yoga teachers are Caelia Butcher and Sally Bayly.


09.00 to 09.30 

Herbal tea and smoothie

09.30 to 10.45   

Energising Yoga – elements of Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar to uplift, strengthen, energise, focus the mind and body

11.00 to 12.30   

Spa Treatments (optional), relax in the spa, explore, cycle, walk etc.

12.45 to 13.30   Green Farm Lunch

13.45 to 14.30   

Guided Country Walk/Hike in traditional meadows and ancient woodland

15.15 to 16.15   

Relaxing and Restorative Yoga Class incorporating Pranayama and Meditation

16.15 Tea and Depart

PRICE: £135.00 per person

ancient oaks and woodlands.jpg

Forest Bathing Day Retreat

For our Forest Bathing Day Retreat, lead by Vanessa Nourse, we invite you to experience our beautiful and tranquil woodlands and grounds with a Shinrin Yoku 'Forest Bathing' Workshop. Shinrin in Japanese means 'forest,' and yoku means 'bath,' so together shinrin-yoku means bathing in the forest's atmosphere, or taking in the forest through our senses.


Join us for an uplifting Day Retreat to reawaken your body and invigorate your mind. A great way to kick start good intentions and leave you feeling ready for the week ahead. 


Forest Bathing is simply about experiencing nature with all five of your senses and letting yourself be totally immersed in your environment. Using in-nature exercises and activities as you slowly and mindfully walk through the ancient woodlands surrounding Green Farm, helping you reconnect with nature and find relief from everyday stresses and access all the health benefits that nature can provide.


09.00 to 09.30

Herbal tea and smoothie

09.30 to 10.00

Setting your intentions Forest B

10.00 to 12.30

Forest Bathing Workshop

12.45 to 13.30

Green Farm Soup and Depart

PRICE: £25.00 per person

Walking through Fairyland

Reset & Reconnect Day Retreat
Enjoy the Healing Power of Sound Day

This Green Farm Day Retreat is lead by Kalie Jade, a highly qualified Sound Therapist and well-being practitioner based in Kent, who has a passion for improving wellbeing and mental health.


The day will include activities such as meditation, self-development and sound therapy with wild swimming, nature walking as well as a deeply relaxing ESPA treatment in The Spa at Green Farm.


09.00 to 10.00

Welcome drink, open circle, introduction to Green Farm & hosts

10.00 to 10.30

Connect & Reset: time to reflect and re-energise in nature (forest area)

10.30 to 11.30

Country Walk: time to embrace the elements and explore your new surroundings with a guided walk (shorter walk optional)

11.30 to 11.45

Tea Break with healthy snacks

11.45 to 12.45

Meditation & Self-development Session: time to work on you (Studio/Barn)

12.45 to 14.00 Green Farm Lunch

14.00 to 15.30

Spa / Wild Swim: time to relax and unwind or take a dip in the pond

15.45 to 17.00

Soothing Sound Bath: time to lose yourself to calming sounds and vibrations and focus on deep healing

17.00  Tea and Depart

PRICE: £150.00 per person


Yoga & Meditation Workshop 
Embrace Your Inner Stillness

During this 3 hour Green Farm Day Retreat Workshop with Alex, you will explore yoga’s postural, breathing, meditation and relaxation practices to create a deeply nourishing space in which you can slow down and notice how you truly are.


Moving and connecting to the physical body is essential for a successful meditation practice, particularly for modern day human who are often sedentary and disconnected to their physical bodies.


Alex Hanly has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation most of her life. She will guide you clearly and gently through this workshop at the end of it you will be ready to take these practices and begin to integrate them into your everyday life. 



09.00 to 09.30

Herbal tea and smoothie

09.45 to 13.30

Yoga Workshop

13.30 to 14.00

Green Farm Soup Lunch and Depart

PRICE: £65.00 per person

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