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The Woodland Walk

A 3.7k  woodland walk taking you through some of the finest Kent Countryside.  Cross our fields onto the Old Coach Road, (says Duck Lane on the ordinance map) across our neighbours land and back through our own land.

Full route and guide below the map.

woodland walk.webp

Distance: 3.7Km

Please note that this walk can be on rough ground and can be wet and muddy in the winter. We do have wellies of all sizes available for you to borrow.

*To access this walk head out onto the farm (see Farm Walks map) go past the community garden sign on your right and through the double gates.

*Once through the double gates go half-right down the field, looking for a small metal gate in the bottom hedgerow, go through this gate and follow straight along beside the hedge, through the next gate and again keep to the left of the field. Go over the style, up the next field and through the metal farm gate at the top (the main gate is locked but the pedestrian gate on the right will open).

*Turn right following the yellow public footpath arrow until you reach a farm gate and small pedestrian gate.   Go through pedestrian gate turn left onto The Old coach road (this is known as a byway)

*Continue on the coach road (can be very muddy in winter months) until you reach the T junction where you turn left. Point of interest “old Parish boundary marker” see further down page.

*After approx. 400 M, pass another coach road (byway) to the right (note the red arrowed byway signpost) keep going a few steps, then turn left through the black footpath gate, following the footpath sign.

Point of interest “Memorial to a Battle of Britain pilot who died in his Hurricane, shot down by a Messerschmitt” see further down

*Go through the footpath gate and follow the obvious track through the woods. Keep to the main track until you reach a farm gate on your right.  Continue on this track that you are on for a few minutes, looking very carefully for yellow markers on the tree which will be on your right which indicates a hidden footpath track, come off the main track onto this short woodland path (this is where the main track bends slightly to the left) which leads to a style.  Please note:   if you have a dog or find styles difficult, you may continue on the main track for half a mile approximately instead.  (this may be more difficult to find) but this does come out near the bridge below:

*Head straight over the field following the yellow footpath sign, heading towards the loan, pass the tree to your left, join the farm track and head to the left-hand corner of the field next to the wood.  Go through the gap and keep on the farm track across the next field. Go through the wooden farm gate in the corner into the wood, then turn immediately right, you should pick up the yellow public footpath arrow which takes you across a small wooden bridge followed by a metal pedestrian gate.

*Continue to follow the direction of the yellow public footpaths signs which take you across the middle of the field, through another small gate with a style beside it, followed by another style with small gate at the far side of the field. Cross the style (or go through the gate) and turn left along the bottom of the field.  

*Continue along the fence/hedge (passing a “Fairyland” sign on a tree on your left) and you will see it leads back towards home.    Go through the farm metal gate and continue to follow the farm track up towards the gate by the wildlife community garden.

Point of interest “Old Parish boundary marker”

If you turn right at the T junction and walk approx. 30M you will find an old Parish boundary marker about 2M off the lane on the right-hand side. This is marked S for Shadoxhurst on one side and W for Woodchurch on the other and dates back to the early 19th C or earlier – return to the junction and continue the route.

Point of interest “Memorial to a Battle of Britain pilot who died in his Hurricane, shot down by a Messerschmitt”

If you carry on the byway for 10M beyond the black footpath gate, there’s a small wooden bridge with a handrail on your right. Cross the bridge and walk round the small pond and you will find a recently erected memorial to a Battle of Britain pilot who died in his Hurricane at this spot, shot down by a Messerschmitt – return to the black footpath gate and continue the route.h. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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