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Outdoor reared Free-range Pork: email us to order (

Our pigs are brought onto the farm as weaners and grown outside, completely free-range during the summer and into the autumn. They are fed lots of our Green Farm apples (when in season) and local Plurenden Manor Farm milk!


Individual Cuts: Prices per Kg:

  • Leek Sausages: £12.00
  • Sage & Onion Sausages: £12.00
  • Gluten Free Sausages: £12.00
    Our meaty sausages are made from the whole pig and sold in approx. half kilo packs (approx. 8 sausage per pack)
  • Chops: £12
  • Premium smoked Back Bacon: £10.00
  • Premium smoked Streaky Bacon: £10.00
  • Leg & Collar Joints: £12.00
  • Belly: £11.00
  • Smoked Gammon joints: £15.00

Outdoor reared Free-Range Pork

  • Frozen October 2023

  • Please email to order

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