The Spa at Green Farm


We hold a range of regular Yoga classes, outdoor exercise sessions, movement and meditation workshops as well as special wellness events to inspire and improve general health and wellbeing on a weekly basis throughout the year.


Most of our classes are held in our converted Barn Studio but in the warmer months, when the weather permits, our Yoga classes often take place outdoors by the pond and in the Open Hay Barn. At all times of year our Woodland Workouts are held in our magical woodlands which we call Fairyland, so we do recommend bringing appropriate clothing as it can be slightly chilly even in the Summer months.


Our classes are suitable for all levels of fitness, skill and knowledge as we believe exercise should be easily accessible for everyone no matter your age or ability. If you have an injury or would like one-on-one guidance, you can book a private class with one of our experienced Yoga teachers or our Personal Trainer at an extra cost.




Yoga classes at Green Farm are run by local teachers Sally Bayly and Caelia Butcher.


Sally has practiced and taught yoga in all styles for over two decades and her strong, energetic and uplifting classes are complemented by fun partner work, posture correcting and simple meditation techniques, such as alternate nostril breathing and candle-gazing.


With 20 years of practice, Caelia is an experienced and nurturing teacher, her classes range from a dynamic morning flow incorporating gentle poses, stretching and breath-work to a deeply relaxing and restorative afternoon session.




From reducing your blood pressure and resting heart rate, there is even evidence to suggest that exercise may feel easier when performed outdoors due to the changing surroundings and sensory stimuli. Fresh air and natural light also invigorate the mind and provide the body lots of lovely and important vitamin D that we need to support healthy immune function, bones, nervous system and many other things. 


To take advantage of all these wonderful benefits that nature provides, Woodland Workouts were created to provide a series of unique, nature-inspired training sessions to those looking for an all-over body workout, set in the magical, private woodlands at Green Farm. Combining bodyweight exercises and cardio, whilst utilising the natural terrain and nature's own props, Woodland Workouts are perfect for all fitness levels.


Classes are run by Jo, a Level 3 Exercise Referral qualified Personal Trainer, who has always been a strong advocate for outdoor exercise which she thinks is even more important now than ever before. The workout runs for 60 minutes, followed by a cup of refreshing Ginger or Garden Herb Tea afterwards in the Green Farm Community Garden.


Weekly Classes at Green Farm


Price: £12.00 per person, per class

Location: Studio or Open Hay Barn

Arrival: Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your class begins and enter via The Spa entrance via the Car Park

Directions: When arriving by car, please enter TN26 1LT (Duck Lane) into your SatNavs/Google Maps. Once on Church Lane in turn onto Duck Lane, go past the gate for Green Farm itself, and is the second gate on the left, signposted Spa Car Park/Green Farm Spa & Retreats.


YOGA: Wednesdays 09.30 to 10.30

Led by Caelia Butcher these classes are based on an eclectic mix of hatha, somatics, vinyasa yoga flows and pranayama breathing techniques.


YOGA: Fridays 08.00 to 09.00

Yoga with Sally Bayly incorporates elements of Iyengar to correct postures, Sivanada for an easy to remember routine, and Ashtanga (Vinyasa) to keep it flowing.


Yoga: Saturdays 08.45 to 09.45 

Led by Caelia Butcher these classes are based on an eclectic mix of hatha, somatics, vinyasa yoga flows and pranayama breathing techniques.


Woodland Exercise: Saturdays 08.45 - 09.45 (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY)

Led by Jo Willemse, this outdoor cardio and strength training class is a real mood-booster. Set in Fairyland, our ancient woodland, you will use nature’s own props for a fun and varied workout. Suitable for all levels. 


NB: Our regular teachers will organise somebody to cover their class if they are unavailable.