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Woodchurch Walk

Holiday Cottage

Please note, the walks can be muddy & challenging in the winter months, sometimes even in summer months – wellie boots are advisable and we have a good selection you can borrow.

6 Bells at Woodchurch (~3 miles each way, 6 miles/9.5Km both way)

There are two ways to walk to Woodchurch, one is about 2.5 miles going past the windmill; the other is about 3 miles, through more woodland. The windmill way does crosses some ploughed fields which can be harder to work to cross in the winter.


Shortest Route to Six Bells Woodchurch via Duck lane & passing The Windmill
  • Turn left out of Green Farm onto Duck Lane and continue to the bottom of the lane

  • At the bottom of the lane, just after the sign for Glebe business park, turn right onto the footpath (marked by a black bollard with yellow band)

  • Continue along this track, turning left onto a muddy path until you reach a style with a dog gate

  • Cross the style with a dog gate, following the direction of the yellow footpath arrow (towards gap in hedge slightly to the right)

  • Go through a farm gate, following the footpath yellow arrow (as you go through to this field, you will see a pond and a log cabin to your right)

  • Heading diagonally across the field, to the right of the thick woodland. (Do not go through the style in the middle of the woodland, the correct style is to the right of this with a telegraph poll to the right of it.

  • Cross the style and follow the yellow footpath arrow across the field to another style

  • Cross this style and cross a byway track to another style straight away, this style takes you to a very large open ploughed field.

  • Continue to head straight ahead on the footpath through the ploughed field

  • Walk along the side of a wood, keeping it on your right, until reach a track that crosses your path with multiple farm gates. Keep going straight, through the gates (exactly how will depend on which gates are open and closed), looking for the lone cottage away on your left. Keep on straight with the field on your left and the fence on your right.

  • Cross the next style and continue straight to the corner of the wood. Cross the little bridge and over the style into the edge of the wood. Walk down inside the edge of the wood until you reach the lane – Cold Blow.

  • Turn right on Cold Blow for about 50 metres, looking for the footpath sign on your left, turn left. Cross this field diagonally right, heading just to the right of the house. Cross the style into the garden of the house and come out over the second style onto the lane (Woodchurch Road).

  • Cross Woodchurch road and go through the gap in the hedge opposite. Look slightly right and cross the field towards the style slightly hidden in the next hedgerow. 

  • Cross this style and bear half left across the open field, with farm buildings over to your right and The Windmill in your distance. Look for a gap in the fence on the far side of the field from the buildings, about halfway along.

  • Go through the gap and follow half right across the field to the corner of the hedgerow.

  • Once you are close to the hedgerow you will notice a path leading straight up towards a house ahead and a windmill in the distance.

  • When you reach the house and grounds, turn right around the grounds and follow the path directly to the windmill.

  • As you get to the windmill, turn right down the track to the pub.

Woodland Route (3 miles in total)
  • To access this walk head out onto the farm (see Farm Walks map) go past the community garden sign on your right and through the double gates.

  • Once through the double gates go diagonally down the field, looking for the metal farm gate in the bottom right hand corner, go through this gate, follow straight along with the fence/tree line to your right, this fence will take you past a sign on an oak tree “Fairyland” At this point continue until you reach a style and small iron gate, go through this gate following the yellow public footpath signs.

  • Continue on this footpath across the middle of the field, through small metal gate with a style, to a small metal gate with a pedestrian bridge. Cross the bridge and at the footpath sign turn left through a wooden farm gate here to avoid having to go across the next style further in the wood.  

  • Turn right and follow the farm track across the field, through the first gap to a loan tree in the middle of the field. Bear away from the track to the right until you come to a double style, cross the double style (needs some agility and can be difficult for dogs) and continue through narrow woodland path which takes you to a wider track. Continue on that track for about a 3rd of a mile until you come to a

  • Large farm metal gate and black footpath gate – turn right onto the byway out of the black gate and then turn immediately left (red byway arrow sign).

(Also, if you carry on the original lane for 20 metres there’s a small bridge with a handrail on your right. Cross the bridge and walk round the small pond and you will find a newly erected memorial to a Battle of Britain pilot who died in his Hurricane at this spot, shot down by a Messerschmitt – return to the junction and continue the route). This lane can be muddy even a little in the summer months.

  • As you emerge from the woods on the right hand side, look for the first farm gate you come to on your right, which opens onto a wide grass farm track with fields on both sides. Turn right here and follow the track all the way, past the pond on your left by the “z” bend, past the Oast House, to a tarmac road called Cold Blow. Sheep are usually along this route, especially in the spring and summer.

  • Turn right on Cold Blow for approx. 100 metres and look for a field gate with a footpath sign on your left. The footpath signpost is rather hidden in the hedgerow. Go through the gate and follow the edge of the field, passing the pond on your left. At the end of the pond, bear slightly left across the style, or through the field gate that is usually open.

  • Look slightly left of the direction that you were walking and you will see a line of individual trees in the middle of the field. Locate the right most tree and head half way between this tree and the hedgerow on your right. By the time you are level with the tree, you will see a hedgerow in a slight gully crossing ahead of you; aim for a bridge with a footpath gate about 1/3 of the way from the right hand end, directly ahead of you. This is hard to see at first, but soon becomes visible.

  • Enter the next field and look for the footpath exit into the wood slightly left – this is a footpath, but may not be cleared of crops; please make sure that you keep to a route only 1 metre wide. At the track, turn right for approx. 20 metres and then left and follow the footpath through the wood.

  • There is a broken style half way through the wood, cross and continue straight. You will exit the wood into an open field; keep following the same direction. Once you reach the top of the small rise, you will see the footpath gap in the hedge in front of you, continue straight to the road.

  • At the edge of the field, turn left just before you exit onto the road and follow the edge of the field down to the corner.

  • At the road junction, turn right onto the road called The Green towards the distant church and follow the road alongside the village green on your left. Enjoy the beauty of the centre of Woodchurch with some lovely houses, the green but bear right at the next road junction (Note Henden Place on your right which is a Wealden Hall House, similar to Green Farm. This is how Green Farm would have looked before the Victorians remodelled the exterior!). The Six Bells is about 200 metres on the right – enjoy your well-earned food and drink.

Coming Back via woodland route
  • Turn left out of the pub and walk down to the village green. Keep on the road with the green on your left to the next road junction. Cross straight across into the field and turn left to walk on the edge of the field with the hedge and road on your left. When you reach the footpath sign, bear right looking for the gap in the hedge. Go through the gap and carry straight ahead up the hill across the field.

  • Keep straight when you reach the wood, following the obvious track. There is a broken style half way through the wood, cross and continue straight. Turn right on the track at the far edge wood then, after about 20 metres, turn left through the footpath gate.

  • Bear half right, looking for the footpath gate in the hedgerow. Cross the little bridge and continue up the field, keeping all the trees to your right. After you have passed the line of trees, look for the gateway further up on your left. Go through the gateway, turn right and walk along the edge of the field with the pond on your right.

  • Go through the gate at the road and turn right on Cold Blow. After 100 metres, turn left up the green lane. Keep on the lane, including going round the z-bend with a pond on the right, until you reach the gate into the wood. Turn left along the green lane until you reach the junction. This is now Duck Lane. Turn left to the next junction where you turn right. You can now follow Duck Lane all the way to the Barn.