The Spiral Path of Healing

with Alison Lingwood & Lindsay Thompson



A journey of self discovery and new meaning

For centuries, labyrinths have captured the aesthetic and spiritual imagination of many cultures around the world, from Ancient Greece to modern day Pacific Island nations.  Typically represented as a spiral pathway or circular portal, the labyrinth has come to be a symbol of wholeness and meaning, achieved through meditation and journeys of self-discovery.


Unlike a maze, in which you could get lost, the labyrinth’s pathway guides you through a meditative journey to the centre of your own being and back out again. It is a sacred space where time slows down and the potential for personal growth and change is awakened within.


‘The Spiral Path of Healing’ at Green Farm, is a labyrinth workshop that will help guide you towards finding new meaning through self-discovery. As your feet trace the pathway towards the centre, you will be drawn deeper into yourself and towards your own meaning. Then as you trace the path back out, you emerge with new-found clarity and connection to your purpose.


With the help of nature and beautiful surrounding ancient woodland, you will be guided throughout the day to deepen your stillness to access the information you are seeking. Walking the labyrinth in nature helps us clear and cleanse the mental chatter and brings balance to the whole body.


This workshop is for individuals who are open to listening to the power of subtle energies and intuition. It is for those who want guidance in finding their soul’s path working with the energies of the universe or perhaps processing a life challenge.


What you might receive from the workshop:

  • Connection with your inner source of wisdom

  • Finding an intention to seed and grow over the coming months

  • Processing a life issue

  • Delving deeper into your soul’s calling

  • Opening your senses for a greater communication with nature

The workshop and entire day will be led by the lovely Alison and Lindsay who have collectively over 80 years experience in teaching, therapy and the medical profession. To find out more about them and read their bios, please go to our blog. 


What's included & schedule

09.30 to 09.45 Arrive and Welcome to Green Farm - Tea & Light Breakfast

09.45 to 11.00 Open Circle & Blessing

11.00 to 12.00 A Walk in Nature - a quest to find your personal symbol

13.00 to 14.00 Lunch using fresh Green Farm and local produce

14.00 to 16.00 Walking the Labyrinth with the Flower Essences of Nature & Close Circle

£135 per person


What to bring 

• Wellies, walking boots or trainers that you don't mind getting a little muddy

• Warm and waterproof clothing for walks in the woods (we advise long trousers as there can be insects during the Summer months and brambles/nettles), the day is about getting back to nature so we spend a lot of time outside when we can

•   Sunscreen if it is a sunny, hot day

•   A journal and pen to record your day, your reflections and the insights awakened

•   An open and curious mind and body to the invisible gifts that nature brings


As a working farm and and wellness destination, food is an important part of the whole Green Farm experience. Guests will enjoy nutritious, freshly-prepared, homemade dishes using primarily Green Farm produce that are inspired by the seasons and what is growing in the Community Wildlife and Vegetable Garden.


All menus and dishes are created by Green Farm’s in-house cook Amelia who works closely with Nutritional Consultant, Alice Yeates, to design naturally healthy, well-balanced recipes especially for those with special dietary requirements.

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