Weekly Sound Healing Classes

The three things that you need to know about Sound Healing (that could change your life for the better):

1. The possible healing applications of sound are limitless.....

2. Sound has physiological and psycho-acoustic affects that can lead to balanced health & wellness....

3. Sound can induce deep states of relaxation, reducing stress levels & blood pressure....

Occasional Thursdays from 7.30pm - 8.45pm
A variety of 4 sound healing classes in collaboration with Sounding Rainbows



Forget the everyday world.  Lay down in comfort and absorb the vibrations of the healing sounds as they wash over you.  Experience the subtle, soft qualities of Himalayan bowls; the richness of gongs; the pure tones of crystal bowls; ethereal tuned percussion; and the rising rhythms of rattles, rain-sticks and ocean drum, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.


Learn to use the vibrations of your own wonderful voice to enhance health and well-being.  Using simple sounds, breath and gentle movement, sing the rainbow of your energy system to bring your body back in tune with itself and allow your energies to flow.  No singing experience necessary. 



Join in a circle with others to enjoy singing short, easily learned chants from around the world. Chants are deeply satisfying to sing in a group.  They help to still the mind and bring relaxation and inner peace.  No singing experience necessary.

3rd Tuesday of the month.



Singing is always a pleasure, so join with others to sing a variety of short songs, rhymes and call-and-response songs from around the world that are easy to learn and a joy to sing together.  This is not a choir, but a relaxed song session for anyone who enjoys singing with others.  It is ideal for those who have always wanted to sing but never quite found their voices. 

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