Free Range Meat for Sale

Grass Fed Aberdeen Angus Beef Box

Grass Fed Lamb Box - 1/2 lamb

Lamb  Box Cutting Options

Total weight approx 8kg
Typically Contains
  • 4 x sirloin steaks

  • 2 x rump steaks

  • 2 x roasting joints: topside / silverside
    (approx 1 kg each)

  • 1 x slow roasting (eg. Brisket) joint
    (approx 1 kg)

  • 4 x 450gm casserole steak

  • 4 x 450gm mince beef

Total weight approx 8kg
Typically Contains
  • one shoulder (approx. 2Kg) or 2 half shoulders (approx, 1Kg each)

  • one leg (approx. 2.5Kg)
    or 2 half-legs (approx. 1.25Kg each)

  • lamb mince (approx. 1.25 Kg)
    or one lamb breast

  • loin and cutlet end chops
    (approx. 2.5Kg)

You have the following options for how your lamb is butchered if you let us know in advance
  • Leg: 1/2 or whole

  • Shoulder: 1/2 or whole

  • Best end of neck: Chops or rack

  • Loin: Chops or fillet

  • Chump: Boned chump joint or steaks

  • Breast: Boned & rolled or minced

Please ask if you would like other options


Individual Cuts of Pork

We mostly sell our pork as individual cuts weighing between 0.8Kg and 3Kg. All prices are per kilo
  • Boned & Rolled Fillet: £7.50

  • Boned & Rolled leg/loin joints: £6.50 we also
    have a good variety of large pork joints ideal for
    8 plus people

  • Premium sausages: £10.00 Meaty Sausages made
    from all of the pig. Sold in Half Kilo Packs (approx). Gluten Free available

  • Quality bacon (streaky and back): £10 per kilo

Individual Cuts of Lamb

We also sell our lamb, hogget and mutton as individual cuts . All prices are per kilo
Please ask for availability
  • Half leg (approx 1.25kg): £12.50

  • Half Shoulder (approx 1kg): £10.00

  • Chops: £12.00

  • Breast/mince: £8.00

Buying and Reserving

Many people buy our meat because they see how our animals are reared with love and attention at Green Farm; others buy it because they have heard how good it is!


Our first priority is to produce enough meat for us and our cooperative farming neighbours to eat ourselves and we sell enough to cover the costs; this makes us a hobby farm and our meat tastes like it. 


All meat is collected from Green Farm or delivered to the Battersea/Clapham/Dulwich area.

To check availability and to reserve your meat please

Green Farm, Duck Lane
Shadoxhurst, Kent TN26 1LT
​+44 (0)1233 733 997
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