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Green Farm Homemade Bread


10 oz (400 g) organic wholemeal strong flour

14 oz (280g) organic white strong flour

14 Fluid oz (14 oz, 400g) tepid water

1 tbsp spoon olive oil

1 tbsp spoon honey

½ tsp salt

1¾ tsp yeast

Sprinkling of poppy and sesame seeds

Method 1

1. Put the bowl of the bread maker on the scales (or weight if your scales are not flat), set to zero grams (or ounces)

2. Pour water into bowl to 14 oz (400g)

3. Add salt, honey & olive oil

4. Reset the scales to zero

5. Add 14 oz (400g) white and 10 oz (280g) brown flour (making 1lb 8 oz (680g) all together)

6. Add yeast, sesame and poppy seeds

7. Select programme dough programme on bread maker and press “start”.

Oven Baked

1. Take out after this has stopped (bread makers vary), shape it on the side with a little flour, put evenly into the bread tin (we use a silicon) liner with ours

2. Prove in a warm room. This can take anything from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. Be patient and wait for it to rise fully

3. Put into a pre heated oven at 180 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes.

Method 2: Made in a bread maker – please choose a simple bread programme

1. Select a bread programme on bread maker and press “start”.

We use a naturally made, organic, unprocessed flour for all our bread. Our favourite brand is Stoates

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