"I never knew that healthy food could taste so good"


From homecooked meals made with home-grown produce to dinner parties and celebrations catered by a private chef, food is an important part of life at Green Farm.

At Green Farm we have a very simple philosophy around eating healthily - cook fresh, home-produce when possible, minimum processed foods, served as nature intended. We like to cook 'in season' as much as possible with as much coming from the Green Farm Wildlife Vegetable Garden as possible and, of course, from our own farm animals.

Our bread is baked daily, our cakes are made with freshly-laid eggs, and the soup bubbling on the hob is packed with vegetables from our gardens.

We work together with our in house Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist, Alice Yeates, to ensure that our meals are balanced and nutritious while not compromising on taste. We cater for all dietary needs and will make sure that everyone gets a balanced meal regardless


We are proud to be accredited members of the 'Produced in Kent' scheme.



Make your time at Green Farm even more special with the addition of afternoon tea, a platter of local wines and cheeses, or a wine tasting event. Contact us to find out more about personalising your stay.

Our produce

As small-scale producers, the welfare of our animals is our priority and our free-range meat has quickly gained a reputation for quality and great taste. Although we are too small to be accredited we follow all the organic principles and are pleased to be members of The Pasture for Life Association

First and foremost, we produce meat for our guests and our cooperative farming neighbours, but we also sell a selection of cuts if you visit Green Farm.


Meat can be collected from Green Farm or delivered to the Battersea/Clapham/Dulwich area.


Coming soon: A selection of seasonal vegetables grown at Green Farm will be available to buy.

Wildlife Vegetable Garden

We have created a wildlife vegetable garden & flower meadow working with Catherine Farr. 

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