Green Farm in the Community

A small farm estate deep in the Kent countryside in the idyllic Shadoxhurst conservation area, a very special site, with SSSI, ancient pastures and all in a designated ancient woodland and, along with the whole of Green Farm, is within a Kent Local Wildlife Site.  We are working with The Kent Wildlife Trust to enrich the habitats and improve species diversity, which means that we strive to keep the woodland as natural as possible.

Our Values

At Green Farm, we are very conscious of the importance of values in what we create, how we operate and how we work with others. Our values have led us to build in sustainability to the greatest extent possible, to work, as much as possible, with local people and to engage with our local community and environment. Of course, when working with derelict or dilapidated listed buildings in a conservation area, we have had to make choices based on practicality and conservation rules, but we are proud of how we have maintained our core values throughout.

Main Objectives

To protect and enhance the conservation area, Green Farm, Duck Lane and surrounding 12500 acres of the gateway to the marsh.

To be generous and share what we have at Green Farm, integrity in all relationships

To live sustainably and enhance the environment, “Tread lightly on this earth”

To promote and encourage healthy and sustainable living

Raise The Profile And Importance Of The Area
  • Supporting biodiversity

  • Green methodology/philosophy

  • Sustainable farming

  • Habitat improvement & species enrichment

Our Recent Charitable  Projects
  • The Wildlife Community Garden

  • An area to gain physical and mental benefits of being outdoors and active

  • A safe haven for people and wildlife

  • A place for relaxation, education & opportunity for all

  • A chance to learn where food comes from

Green Farm In The Community
  • Supporting the local economy - Local jobs, Local businesses & Local Suppliers

  • Cooperative and Partnership working

  • Charitable activities

  • Scouts

  • Football team

  • The Pearce Coggan Foundation

Community Garden

We are delighted to have Catherine Farr (Artist and former teacher) part time in our community garden, who is responsible for the management and development of the garden.  We have also started to develop a number of one day workshops on the following:

  1. Setting up an inner city wildlife garden

  2. Beginners guide to wildlife vegetable gardening

  3. Sustainable gardening, how to reuse rather than traditional recycle


Green Farm is a Grade II listed building, a Kentish Hall House dating back to the mid 15th century that has gone through two further evolutions, in the Shadoxhurst conservation area. Nevertheless, we have been able to update the property for modern 21st century living while keeping the entire structure intact. We have:

Green Farm
  • insulated the roof and walls, removing the tiles and tile hangings to do so

  • put in a modern ground floor system with underfloor heating

  • installed a 16Kw ground source heat pump with 750 metres of heating fluid to provide all central heating and hot water

  • installed 2 log burners and an open fire in the inglenook that burn logs from our own woods

  • installed a 9.3Kw PV solar panel system that generates well over 10,000KwH per year

Green Farm Barn
  • again insulated heavily

  • installed a solar thermal system for hot water generation

  • installed a 12KwH log burner, again utilising our own wood

  • implemented a system that provides auxillary hot water from the surplus PV generation in Green Farm

Green Farm "Get Outside, Get Active, Know Your Food" 

Maryann and her husband Martin recently set up the Pearce-Coggan Foundation.  The primary focus working on disadvantaged children and adults, providing access to Green Farm with the opportunity to get outside, get active, understand where their food comes and improve general well-being and much more.

Green Farm, Duck Lane
Shadoxhurst, Kent TN26 1LT
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